OVERLAPS Update 3.1.4


We hope everyone is having a wonderful festive season, and as a small Christmas/New Years gift from us we have now made the update for OVERLAPS available to download from your “My Account” area of our website.

There aren’t any major changes or fixes included in this update, as it is mostly just QoL work items, but please read on if you wish to know what it does offer. Patch Notes


We’ve changed the Authorisation Request behaviour so that denied requests are now automatically expired when the user who requested access (the “Requester”) views the response from an Authoriser, allowing them to immediately raise another request for the same computer if they want to (rather than having to wait for the expiry timeout). This should allow Authorisers to now reject a request on the grounds of, for example, insufficient information provided in the justification, and the user can respond accordingly without waiting.

Made the Authorisation page available for Self-Service users who have the option set to Require Authorisation. This now allows these users to view and/or cancel their own outstanding requests.

Updated Bitlocker Key Retrieval to allow for multiple recovery keys (e.g. for devices with more than one encrypted drive). If viewing Bitlocker Keys is enabled in the settings, then the Computer Information modal will now show the Recovery and Volume GUIDs and the time it was last changed.

Updated the Manual Group Refresh status message so that if the “Queue Group Refresh Operations” is disabled then it will automatically refresh the page on completion, otherwise it will advise the user to refresh the page after a few minutes.

Added an optional High Contrast Scheme (selectable in the Profile page under Settings -> Website Colour Scheme) for users with Protanopia or other visual impairments which may have made the default colour scheme hard to see or distinguish elements. This theme is still being tweaked but will hopefully be of some help to those affected, please let us know if there are further changes you would like to see with regards to accessibility by contacting us through the usual channels.

Added the option to have detailed Authorisation Request emails which provide a list of all of your pending requests along with user and computer information, instead of the default summary emails which only show a count. This is a global option for all nominated Authorisers (not per-user) and can be found under Settings -> Security -> Authorisation Requests -> Authorisation Request Email Format.


Fixed an issue where Authorisers who are only designated such for Self Service users would not see the Authorisation menu item.

Fixed a minor visual bug which would show the reset icon instead of the read icon for Self Service Requests in the Authorisation page.

Fixed an issue where under some circumstances certain browsers would mistakenly submit a 2FA code twice, causing an error to display before continuing to login normally (assuming the code was correct – an incorrect code would still result in a rejected login).

Fixed a bug in the Asynchronous Group Membership Queue for manual group refresh operations which could cause initialisation problems in the update process itself. This may have also had an additional, but less noticeable, impact on the background group membership updater as well and some admins may have seen the group membership information update in a less-than-timely fashion. However, this would not have had any impact on group checks during login (or therefore site security) as that is an isolated system.


Carried out a full database optimisation audit and made various changes to improve performance.

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