OVERLAPS Update 3.2.5

Important Information

A minor bug (classified as Low Severity) has been discovered in the Program Update Check process which checks your installed version of OVERLAPS against what our servers report as the latest version available and shows a notification if an update is available. If the bug is triggered, this could cause users to experience HTTP 500 errors when attempting to access the site.

This bug was introduced in update 3.2.3, and due to the nature of the fault, wasn’t reported until we released update 3.2.4 yesterday.

To remedy this, we have removed update 3.2.4 and re-released it as update 3.2.5 to include the fix. Even if you are not experiencing the issue described above, if you are running either versions 3.2.3 or 3.2.4 we recommend updating to 3.2.5 to avoid problems going forward.

Until we are confident that all our customers who are currently running versions 3.2.3-3.2.4 have installed this update, we will disable the Program Updates from our side to prevent any further issues. There is no predicted negative impact to doing this as we can issue update notifications through the newsletter and blog instead if needed.

Release Notes

Update 3.2.5 only contains the fix mentioned above, but the following are the changes released in version 3.2.4 yesterday:

  • Added an internal setting (can be set through the Configuration Utility) called “CustomMessagePasswordModal” which allows you to add a custom message to the Password Display window so that you can add instructions or warnings (“Do not share this information with anyone”, etc). For security reasons this is plain text only and any HTML or JavaScript will be automatically encoded.
  • Fixed a bug where dark mode couldn’t be manually activated sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Computers without a LAPS password” report which was causing it to return gMSA accounts because of the way they are identified (they have the “computer” identifier under objectClass).
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the “Display the ‘Login using Windows Authentication’ button to appear on the login screen” setting to not save properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the enter key couldn’t be used to submit a computer search.

Download Information

Update 3.2.5 can now be downloaded from the My Account area of our website.

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