OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS


A free, feature-limited version of OVERLAPS is now available for download.


This trial version of the web user interface replacement for Microsoft LAPS offers customers the chance to go through the setup procedure and experience OVERLAPS for themselves before they buy. It is only limited with regards to:

  • Instead of displaying the LAPS managed passwords from Active Directory, the trial message "TRIALVERSION" is displayed in its place.


The requirements for the OVERLAPS trial are the same as the full version:

  • An Active Directory domain,
  • Microsoft L.A.P.S installed and configured
  • .NET Framework version 4.6.1
  • Clients which will be using OVERLAPS need to have any modern web browser with JavaScript enabled


To download the trial version and get started today, simple click the button below.

OVERLAPS Trial (11.97Mb)

Requires: .NET Framework version 4.6.1

Additional Reading

Download the Administrator's Guide

Once downloaded, you can also get the OVERLAPS Professional Setup Guide (PDF, 2.52Mb) for detailed installation and configuration information.

Installation Guide Blog Post

Alernatively, check out the Guide to Installing OVERLAPS on our Blog.

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