OVERLAPS is a self-hosted Microsoft LAPS alternative UI (user interface), a way of retrieving and expiring LAPS managed passwords through any modern browser on any network attached device. More than this, it removes the hassle of managing and maintaining Active Directory permissions for LAPS attributes by allowing you to specify which users or groups have access per-OU.

How does OVERLAPS work?

  1. You install it on a computer or server which will act as the web server for OVERLAPS.
  2. Configure your Active Directory permissions to allow that computer the appropriate access to the LAPS password and expiry attributes.
  3. Setup SSL/TLS encryption to make sure everything is secure.
  4. Add users and/or groups, and specify what Organizational Units or containers that they are allows to access.
  5. Users can now login to OVERLAPS and access the LAPS managed passwords as needed.

What are the limits/restrictions on OVERLAPS?

There aren't any. We don't specify a time limit, user limit or device limit. Once you've purchased OVERLAPS once it is yours forever, no matter how your service grows. We'll only ever require payment again if there is a major update version released, in which case we'll make a significantly reduced upgrade price available to existing customers.

How much does OVERLAPS cost?

OVERLAPS is priced at $182.08 (USD) per licence. Bulk discounts are available for customers who require multiple installs.

Where can I purchase OVERLAPS?

Click here to go to the store page and follow the on-screen instructions.