11Getting Support

If you experience any problems with OVERLAPS, or if you have any feature requests or suggestions, then you can contact the Int64 Software Support Team for fast and professional help.

11.1Help and Support

To get help with any setup, configuration or usage problems with OVERLAPS, send us an email using the address below or using the contact form on our website.

The more information you can provide, the quicker we are likely to be able to help you, so try to explain the exact problem you are experiencing and the circumstances that led to it. If you can also attach your log file from the location below that does usually help to speed up our diagnosis procedure.

C:\ProgramData\Int64 Software Ltd\OVERLAPS\overlaps.log

11.2Feature Requests and Suggestions

We are always looking at ways to improve OVERLAPS, so if you have any suggestions then we would like to hear them. Just send us an email explaining your idea to the address below and someone will be in touch.

Remember that a great number of the now-standard features of OVERLAPS are only there because one or more of our valued customers asked for them.

11.3Contacting our Support Team

You can contact our Support Team at any time using the email address below. We endeavour to respond to all customer emails within 48 hours.


Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us form on our website at:


You can also Tweet us on our official twitter account (which is also a great place to keep up to date with our news):


To better prioritise requests and in order to take the time to fully understand a problem or request before responding, we do not currently offer telephone support. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.