Introducing Overcee

What is it?

A complete Microsoft Windows endpoint management suite with a friendly web UI.

Overcee is designed as an answer to the question: how can I delegate computer management tasks to my service desk without compromising security? A question asked by many modern IT Service Desks, where first-line fix rates have to contend with ever increasing needs for device security.

You can overcome this problem by using Overcee to craft simple or complex management tools, then lock them down and distribute them to anyone or everyone in your IT department.

What does this mean?

It means 3 things:

  1. Improve the efficiency of your service desk by removing the need for costly and time delaying call escalation routes.
  2. Free up second- and third-line teams by reducing the amount of support work they get given.
  3. Make your customer experience faster by improving your first contact fix rate.

How it works

When installed on a suitable server (see: requirements), Overcee consists of 4 core components, the most important two being:

The Web UI

The face of Overcee provides a simple, but powerful, user interface. From here you can configure Tools or more complex Tool Tequences, organise, run jobs, and delegate access through a highly configurable permissions system.

The Workers

The background muscle of Overcee, a dispatcher picks up queued jobs and hands them to the actual worker who then efficiently carries out any and all steps required.

With these systems working together, there really isn’t any limit to what your service desk will be capable of.

An Example Case

John P. works third line support at a busy world-class university. He’s recently been inundated with support tickets because a manufacturing fault in some of their computer fleet’s BIOS is leading to significant system problems. The good news is that the manufacturer has issued a command line executable which remotely fixes the problem, but the bad news is that it needs Administrator rights to run.

Historically John would have two options: 1) grant across the board administrator rights to the service desk, which his IT security policy strictly forbids, or 2) continue to handle the support calls himself.

Overcee presents a third solution: configure the executable as a Tool, and delegate rights to the Tool to the service desk. Quick, simple, and no additional rights are being handed out.

Watch this space

We have a pretty full roadmap of additional features and benefits we’ll be bringing to Overcee over the next few years. Also remember to check the blog regularly as we’ll be posting more information, tutorials, case studies and updates soon.

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