Matt Stacey

Generating a History Report in OVERLAPS

OVERLAPS has received a new reporting tool to help with your security auditing and monitoring processes. With the release of update you can now export your OVERLAPS History Log with the new “History Report Tool” (historyreport.exe) which can be found with the application files.

Skill Management with Expertise Matrix

Massive September 2019 Update Now Live! Overview Int64 Software Ltd is excited to announce that the final changes and tests have now been completed and we have released our massive August 2019 update to Expertise Matrix – our Skill Matrix management platform. If you want to learn more about what to expect then please continue…

OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS Update

This is a small update to fix an error encountered when specifying domain credentials for OVERLAPS to use when querying the LAPS attributes from Active Directory (see Update 1.3). The update can be downloaded as usual from your Downloads page. The error was caused by our recent move to enforce Kerberos communication between the OVERLAPS…