Matt Stacey

OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS Update 1.3.5

Introduction We are pleased to announce the release of update 1.3.5 for OVERLAPS, our powerful web-based UI for Microsoft’s Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) environments. This is classed as a Security Update as it includes important security fixes, as well as bringing you a selection of new and improved things within LAPS and fixing a…

OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS Version

Patch version for OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS has now been released. Continue reading for more information about what this patch changes. Customers will find the patch and full installer available in their OVERLAPS downloads page, trial customers can find the download on the OVERLAPS Trial information page. Information and Availability OVERLAPS is a premium…

OVERLAPS UI for Microsoft LAPS Update 1.2.2

A new minor update for OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS has been released, bringing our popular alternative LAPS UI up to version 1.2.2. Continue reading for more information, or head over to the OVERLAPS downloads section for the installer. Information and Availability OVERLAPS is a premium UI replacement for the Microsoft LAPS Local Administrator Password Solution….

21st Century Skill Mapping

The old adage goes “Jack of all trades, master of none”, but in this modern world we still need and ask for people to become masters. So is it possible, if you’ll forgive another aphorism, to have our cake and eat it?