OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS Update 1.2.1

An update for OVERLAPS has now been made available to existing customers. This is a minor feature update and does not include any critical or security related fixes. For full information on the changes included, continue reading.

Free Demo Now Available

OVERLAPS now has a free demo version available for you to try-before-you-buy.

The demo is feature-limited, rather than time-limited, but is perfect for checking that it works with your LAPS/Active Directory environment.

For more information, follow this link.

Re-implementation of Customisation Options

When developing OVERLAPS version 1.2 we removed the seldom-used option for customising the name shown on the web page. This has now been reimplemented for those that wish to use it.

The setting appears in Config -> Settings.

New OVERLAPS 1.2.1 Customisation Options
New OVERLAPS 1.2.1 Customisation Option

The two customisation options currently available are Page Title (as it appears at the top of the page in the OVERLAPS menu and as the tab title), and Long Page Title, which is used as the alt and title tag for the menu logo.

As an example, here we have changed the title text.

Setting a new Page Title
Setting a new Page Title
The new Page Title applied to the menu
The new Page Title applied to the menu

Minor Memory Management Tweaks

We have made some minor changes to the way resources are unloaded when they are not required for a period of time. This change will probably be imperceptible to anyone except perhaps those running OVERLAPS on a memory restricted system or virtual host.

Getting the Update

The update file “overlaps_1.2.1_install.msi” is now available in the OVERLAPS downloads section for all existing customers.

The installation will preserve all current settings, but as always please make sure to make a backup of your “C:\ProgramData\Int64 Software Ltd\OVERLAPS” configuration folder before launching the install process just in case.

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