OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS 3.2 Now Available

We have now made the 3.2 patch for OVERLAPS available from your My Account page. The main feature of this update is added support for the new Windows LAPS from Microsoft (you can read more about that here). For additional release notes and patch information, please see below. Important Note New Features Changes Bug Fixes

OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS Version

Patch version for OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS has now been released. Continue reading for more information about what this patch changes. Customers will find the patch and full installer available in their OVERLAPS downloads page, trial customers can find the download on the OVERLAPS Trial information page. Information and Availability OVERLAPS is a premium…

Overcee Update 18.4.3 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Overcee 18.4.3. This does not include any critical fixes or security improvements, so should be considered a non-necessary update for users who are not experiencing any of the included problems.

Overcee 18.4.1 Update Released

Introduction We are pleased to announce the release of Overcee version 18.4.1. This is a minor update which fixes a couple of minor UI bugs, but also introduces the first release of our Microsoft LAPS plugin.