Overcee 18.4.2 Update Released


We are happy to announce the release of Overcee version 18.4.2.

This minor update includes a bug and preventative fixes, as well as introducing a new tool: String Replace.


1. We located a bug in the “Find in String” tool which may have caused incorrect item matching. This issue has now been resolved.

2. A potential infinite loop causing bug was reported in the log handling subsystem. While this has not yet occurred in the wild, the issue has had a preventative fix to stop if from happening in the future.

String Replace Tool

A new tool has been added to the Variable handling plugin which allows for the location and replacement of specified string values. The usage case for this, which was submitted as justification for the feature request, was for the validation of user input when using the Set Variable tool for values used further on in a Tool Sequence.


The update installer can be found in your Downloads section under My Account.

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