Overcee Update 18.4.3 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Overcee 18.4.3.

This does not include any critical fixes or security improvements, so should be considered a non-necessary update for users who are not experiencing any of the included problems.



To download the updated installer, login to My Account on Overcee.com and select My Downloads.


Remote Execution Tool

It has been reported to us that a few users have experienced problems with a particular combination of command line and argument in this tool. The result was that the desired configuration would complete its execution, but mis-report the result.

This has now been resolved in the latest patch.


Remove Execution Tool

We have added an additional execution method to the tool: “Managed (Logged)” which can be selected if the tool is not returning the expected results. This mode will enable the logging engine of the remote execution service which can provide significantly more information about the failure for debugging.

Logs created by this are in the secured Overcee cache located in %SystemDir%\OverceeCache (Local Administrator rights required to access).

Please be aware that log files are not automatically cleaned up after the remote executor exits, and may contain sensitive information.

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