OverLAPS Professional Edition Released


We are pleased to announce the expanded “Professional” release of  OverLAPS to the general public. This update is free to all existing customers  and is optionally available to all new customers at no extra cost.

Wait, did you say “no extra cost”

Yep, that’s right! We don’t consider this to be a major version change, it just comes bundled with a few extra features that some people might find useful.  So when you buy OverLAPS (or if you’ve already bought it), you’ll now have the  chance to download either the original version or the professional version.

What’s Different?

Basically we’ve added two minor features:

Computers show status

In the Active Directory/computer browser, computers now have three states:

  1. Normal

    Computers with no additional decoration have a non-expired, LAPS managed Local Administrator password which can be viewed by clicking them.

  2. Un-Set

    Computers which appear crossed out do not have a Microsoft LAPS managed Local Administrator password set. This usually indicates that they are either new, or are not receiving the LAPS client.

  3. Expired

    Red computers have an expired LAPS managed Local Administrator account, which should renew shortly.

This can help you to identify possible problems with your Microsoft LAPS configuration, as well as to see at a glance if you can get the Local Administrator password from a particular device or not.

Manually Expire Passwords

We’ve added the ability to click a button and expire a computer’s current Local Administrator password. This will force Microsoft LAPS to generate a new random password when it next refreshes.

What now?

I’d suggest heading over to https://int64software.com/overlaps/ to check out the amazing price and to find out exactly how OverLAPS can help with your Microsoft LAPS managed infrastructure today!


We’d love to hear your suggestions for further possible features you’d like to see in OverLAPS. So just drop us an email at support@int64software.com and we’ll get back to you.

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