OVERLAPS for Microsoft LAPS

OVERLAPS is an inexpensive, self-hosted, and easy to set-up web-based user interface for the Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS).

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The "Local Administrator Password Solution" (LAPS) provides a centralized storage of secrets/passwords in Active Directory (AD)... LAPS simplifies password management while helping customers implement recommended defenses against cyberattacks. In particular, it mitigates the risk of lateral escalation that results when customers have the same administrative local account and password combination on many computers.

Easier to Use

Make it easier to gain access to managed Administrator passwords. Users can navigate your existing domain and simply click computers to view their current L.A.P.S. managed administrator password.

Reduce the overheads of deploying tools or teaching PowerShell to your users by unifying access under one simple web interface.

Control Access

Control exactly who can view managed Administrator passwords at the Organizational Unit level. Add users or groups and select which Organizational Units in your Active Directory domain that they'll have access to.

OverLAPS supports full granular access control, and makes sure that your systems are kept secure.

Monitor and Audit

OverLAPS maintains a record of each user request to view a computer password. This makes auditing the use of LAPS controlled passwords a cinch, and helps to improve the overall security of your network.

Only those users to specifically select can view this audit trail, so that responsibility can easily be delegated to an internal security or monitoring team without compromising log security.

OverLAPS In Action

OverLAPS for Microsoft LAPS In Action
An example of how quick and easy it is to get the Local Administrator Password on a LAPS managed computer.

Self-Hosted with Low Requirements

OverLAPS is installed on a computer or server inside your own domain so that nothing needs to be communicated to the internet, helping you to keep your network secure.

The system that OverLAPS gets installed on needs to be Windows 7, Server 2012R2 or above. We don't specify a minimum CPU or memory because OverLAPS is designed to be so low powered that it'd run on a toaster if it had a supported operating system!

Supported on all versions of Windows from 7 and Server 2012R2 up.
Integrates with your existing Active Directory infrastructure

Active Directory Integrated

Make use of your existing Active Directory infrastructure to provide user login services. No complex accounts to setup or maintain, just enable the users and/or groups that you want to be able to use OverLAPS to view Microsoft LAPS managed administrator account passwords.

OverLAPS uses your directory structure to organise computers into an easily navigable interface utilising the layout that your staff already know and understand.

Security Centred

OverLAPS supports HTTPS encryption and Active Directory user and group authentication. Control permissions by defining at the Organisational Unit level what each user has access to.

Every time a Local Administrator password is retrieved for a computer, OverLAPS records it so that everything can be tracked and audited.

OverLAPS puts your security first and supports HTTPS SSL/TLS encryption
OverLAPS makes accessing Microsoft LAPS managed passwords from any device possible, even on the go.

Full Web Interface

By providing a fully functional web interface OverLAPS doesn't limit you to one device from which you can access the Local Administrator password information for a device.

This means that OverLAPS isn't locked to any single computer or operating system, you can now look up passwords on phones, tablets, smart watches, any device with a modern web browser, any where with an internet connection.

Simple to Setup and Easy to Use

We've designed OverLAPS to be quick and easy to setup, and once it's configured once you can leave it without having to change anything ever again.

Alongside the included documentation, we've already written two guides to walk you through the process of installing both Microsoft LAPS and OverLAPS:

You can be up and running with OverLAPS for Microsoft LAPS in minutes

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