Separation of Duties in Software Solutions: A Case Study in Overcee

Separation (or Segregation) of Duties in business and Information Technology is a great internal process which describes restricting the power of any one individual in order to combat mistakes and fraud. R. A. Botha and J. H. P. Eloff in “Separation of Duties for Access Control Enforcement in Workflow Environments” describe SoD as: Separation of…

Overcee Update 18.4.3 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Overcee 18.4.3. This does not include any critical fixes or security improvements, so should be considered a non-necessary update for users who are not experiencing any of the included problems.

Overcee and Variables

Introduction Today I’m going to be creating a custom computer reboot tool in Overcee in order to show off how to use variables to lock tools down. Situation As has been previously mentioned, allowing free access to modify some tools can be inherently dangerous and can result in unexpected or unwanted behaviour. However, sometimes you…

Overcee 18.4.1 Update Released

Introduction We are pleased to announce the release of Overcee version 18.4.1. This is a minor update which fixes a couple of minor UI bugs, but also introduces the first release of our Microsoft LAPS plugin.

Understanding Overcee Permissions

Introduction Overcee is about delegation, we want you to use it empower your Service Desk, and to achieve this we have developed an incredibly powerful permissions system so that you control who can do what. Unfortunately, with great power comes great complexity (or something like that), and it would be all too easy to make…