24. Email Configuration

If you wish to use either or both of the Authorisation or Notification systems then it is necessary to allow OVERLAPS to send emails to its users.

24.1 Sender Types

There are two options available to try and accommodate most environments:

24.1.1 SMTP

If you have an SMTP server you can send through, then select this option. You will then be prompted for the details of your server.

Note that only SMTP servers that use simple credential sign-on are supported. Servers that require Multi-Factor Authentication are not supported.

24.1.2 Pickup Drop Folder

Alternatively, if you require a more complex setup then you may need to use the Pickup Drop Folder setting instead.

This can be useful if, for example, you already have a service like IIS setup to send emails. IIS can be configured to monitor a folder for .eml files and send them as normal emails.

With this setting enabled, OVERLAPS will not send any emails itself, but instead properly produce and format the emails and save them as .eml files in the specified folder.

24.2 Email Server Settings

24.2.1 Common Settings

Enter the address of your OVERLAPS server here. This will allow emails sent by OVERLAPS to include links back to the server for easier navigation. Sender Email Address and Display Name

The address and name that emails will appear to be from. Restrict Recipient Domains

Enter a semi-colon separated list of domains (e.g. @contoso.com;@users.contoso.com) that emails can be sent to. As arbitrary additional email addresses can be entered when setting up notifications (see Notifications), this can be used to prevent information from leaving your domain to third-party domains.

24.2.2 SMTP Settings SMTP Server Name and Port

Enter the hostname or IP address of your SMTP server and its port. SMTP Connection Security

Select how to handle the security for the connection to your SMTP server. SMTP Username and Password

The credentials used to connect to your SMTP server (if any are required, leave blank if no credentials are required).

24.2.3 Pickup Drop Folder Settings Pickup Directory Folder

The folder where .eml email files will be saved for collection by your email server.