35. Frequently Asked Questions

35.1 Order Process

35.1.1 Can I pay by PayPal?

Yes! Contact us and we'll happily provide you with the necessary details.

35.1.2 Can I submit a Purchase Order and be Invoiced for OVERLAPS?

Yes! Send your Purchase Order to support@int64software.com and we'll produce an invoice for you. You can also request an invoice without a Purchase Order by filling out the form at https://int64software.com/overlaps/invoice/.

35.1.3 Do you offer reseller agreements?

We are now working with a number of resellers around the world, and are happy to offer a full Reseller Agreement with a negotiated discount. Contact us for more information.

35.1.4 Can I bulk order multiple licences?

Depending on your needs we can arrange for reseller agreements or bulk sales as needed, along with a bulk discount. Contact us for more information.

35.1.5 I didn't receive an order confirmation email

We've had a number of problems with spam filters misidentifying our emails as malicious when they simply contain confirmation of your order and nothing more. Check your spam folder and spam filter. All emails will come from "support@int64software.com". If you still can't find it, Contact us.

35.1.6 Is it safe to enter my credit card details on your site?

Of course! We have a fully SSL/TLS encrypted connection between you and our servers. Also, we don't receive, process or store your card details ourselves, that is entirely handled by our payment processor Stripe.

35.1.7 Can I try OVERLAPS beforing committing to buying it?

You can download the free trial from here. The trial doesn't have a time limit and is fully functional except that passwords are not displayed.

35.1.8 What is your refund policy?

We understand that circumstances may change, and customer satisfaction is our priority, therefore we offer a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase date. To initiate a refund, please contact our customer support team with your purchase details. Refunds will be processed promptly, and funds will be returned using the original payment method. Beyond the initial 30 days, refunds will not be available. We appreciate your understanding and value your business.

35.2 The OVERLAPS Licence

35.2.1 What does OVERLAPS cost?

OVERLAPS is currently priced at £139.99 GBP. We attempt to convert this into your local currency wherever possible, although due to fluctuating currency rates this can only be regarded as an estimate.

If you would like a fixed quote which is valid for 90 days, just ask.

35.2.2 Is that a monthly/yearly fee, or is it a perpetual licence?

When you purchase OVERLAPS you receive a perpetual licence for the current major version and all minor updates made to it.

35.2.3 Can I install multiple copies of OVERLAPS?

Your OVERLAPS licence permits you to install one copy per Active Directory domain. However, OVERLAPS is capable of authenticating users from and retrieving the passwords of computers across multiple domains in the same forest as long as the permissions are configured correctly. If you'd like more information, please Contact us.

35.2.4 Can I have a separate test or development system?

es, in addition to any live instances you are running (up to the number of licences you own), the Licence Agreement also permits you to have one additional install on a computer/server used solely for testing or development.

35.2.5 Can I install OVERLAPS on my client's domain?

As long as it is the only install location for that particular licence, then yes. You may not purchase a single licence and then install that on your own server and your clients, and you may not purchase a single licence and then install it on multiple separate clients' servers.

35.2.6 Can I charge people to access my OVERLAPS installation?

No. This would count as reselling and is strictly forbidden by the Licence Agreement.

35.3 Installation

35.3.1 How do I install OVERLAPS?

While we've tried to streamline the installation procedure as much as possible, in order to guarantee that your environment is kept secure there are a number of steps that must be followed when installing OVERLAPS. We recommend reading the Installation and Configuration sections of this documentation as that contains full and up-to-date information about the installation process.

35.3.2 After trying the trial, how do I upgrade to the full version?

To install the full version you can simply run the MSI downloaded from your Downloads section on our website and it'll take care of the rest. In addition to this, you will also need to install your licence key file which can also be generated from the Licence File(s) section.

35.3.3 Do I have to uninstall the trial before upgrading?

No, the full version installer will do this for you.

35.3.4 Do I lose my settings when upgrading from the trial to the full version?

No, all of your settings are retained.

35.4 Usage

35.4.1 Can I request a new feature?

Absolutely! Most of the features that have been added since release come as a result of one of our customers requesting that change.

35.4.2 Is my connection to OVERLAPS secure?

Absolutely, but, as with most software products, only as long as you configure it properly. OVERLAPS makes use of every available security feature it can, including support for both HTTPS encryption and Kerberos authentication. However, both of these features must be configured and enabled as per the instructions in First Configuration.

35.4.3 Does OVERLAPS require IIS/Apache/etc.?

No. To make its installation and ongoing support as simple as possible, OVERLAPS integrates its own web server technology built on the Windows kernel mode web listener (http.sys).

35.4.4 Can I have IIS/Apache/etc. installed on the same server as OVERLAPS

Yes, but you will need to be aware of port conflicts. If your existing web service uses the default ports (80 for HTTP, 443 for HTTPS), then you'll need to configure OVERLAPS to use different ports. This is covered in First Configuration.

35.4.5 Can I use OVERLAPS with multiple domains in a single forest?

Absolutely! Ever since version 1.3.4 multiple domain environments are now fully supported.

35.4.6 Can I search for computers by hostname?

Of course. You can browse through your domain to find computers or search for them directly.

35.4.7 Can I get the Local Administrator passwords for multiple computers at the same time?

Yes, you can select as many computers as you like and retrieve the passwords for all of them at the click of a button.

35.4.8 Can I restrict what Organizational Units my users have access to?

This is one of the core benefits to OVERLAPS. So, yes, you can absolutely limit which OUs each user/group can access to retrieve computer passwords.

35.4.9 Is it possible to let non-technical users retrieve the password for their own computer(s)?

Yes, OVERLAPS has a Self Service mode integrated which allows you to do just this. Instead of granting a user access to specific Organizational Units, you can instead specify a list of hostnames that they can access the password for.

35.4.10 How do I see who accessed/reset a particular computer's password?

Under the History section you can view a timeline of every activity any users have carried out over the past 30 days (by default, this can be adjusted to longer or shorter periods as needed from the Settings section).

History events can also optionally be written to the Windows Event Log on the host server for auditing purposes.

35.4.11 Can I use Active Directory Security Groups to add users?

Yes, we support both individual domain users and security groups.

35.4.12 Can I customise OVERLAPS with my company name?

Absolutely! You can quickly and easily change the name from the Settings page.

35.4.13 Can I trigger a password to expire after being accessed?

Yes, you can specify a time in minutes after which the password will be set to expire, so you don't need to wait for the next LAPS scheduled reset. Alternatively, you can now configure Windows LAPS to automatically do this via Group Policy.

35.4.14 I reset a LAPS password through OVERLAPS but it says it hasn't changed?

When you trigger a password reset, the password expiry date is updated. This does not mean that the computer will immediately change its password. That process is reliant on Group Policy running on the computer, which, by default, is every 90 minutes plus a random 0 - 30 minutes delay. If you want this process to happen faster, you will need to run "gpudpate" on the computer or restart it.

35.5 Information Security

35.5.1 Do you record usage or transfer any other information to your servers or those of third parties?

No. Absolutely no information is sent by OVERLAPS to anyone anywhere except for your own users. We don't collect usage information, it doesn't contain any tracking cookies, and OVERLAPS will function perfectly happily without any external connection to the internet.

35.5.2 Does OVERLAPS download anything from the internet?

The only connection that OVERLAPS makes to the internet is to request current version information from our servers to check if an update is available. This functionality can be disabled, or, if it doesn't have a connection to the internet, it will just fail silently in the background.

35.5.3 What information will I need to provide if I need to make a Support call?

In the event that you are experience problems in OVERLAPS then we may request that you send us your log files from the server to speed up the diagnosis process. Depending on your logging level, these may contain potentially sensitive information such as usernames and Organizational Unit information. Stricly no passwords are recorded in the log file.

You have the right to refuse to provide these log files if you are concerned about security, we will simply try to diagnose the problem through conversation instead, or we'll direct you where to look in the logs and what to watch out for.

35.5.4 What personally identifying information about users is stored in OVERLAPS?

To ease the load on your Domain Controllers, we cache a small amount of information about users added to OVERLAPS in the application database (stored on your server). This includes:

  • Username
  • Display Name
  • Email address
  • GUID
  • Distinguished Name

All of which is taken directly from Active Directory. Username information is also stored in the History log (also in the application database) for auditing purposes.

35.6 OVERLAPS Support

35.6.1 Who should I contact if I find a bug or have a problem?

Send us an email to support@int64software.com, and include as much information as you can. You can also include your OVERLAPS log file which can be found in:

"C:\ProgramData\Int64 Software Ltd\OVERLAPS\"

35.6.2 Do I need Windows LAPS as well as OVERLAPS?

Yes. LAPS modifies your Active Directory schema to provide storage for the password and expiry data, and has a client for your computers which handles the changing and storage of Local Administrator passwords. OVERLAPS simply provides an easy to use interface to that information.

As of April 2023, Windows LAPS now ships as default on all Pro, Enterprise and EDU editions of Windows 10 and 11, it now just needs to be activated by Group Policy.